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Our Main Offerings

Explore our eclectic mix of repurposed jewelry, furniture, and lighting that blend beach-style aesthetics with punk rock vibes.



Adorn yourself with our handcrafted, repurposed jewelry pieces that exude a blend of vintage charm and modern creativity. Each piece tells a unique story.



Transform your space with our refurbished furniture, curated to bring a mix of style and function. Elevate your home with pieces inspired by music and culture.



Illuminate your living areas with our range of interior and exterior lighting solutions that reflect a passion for artistry and unique design. Create ambiance with a touch of punk rock flair.

Why Choose Indonesian Junk?

Experience our commitment to offering creatively reimagined lifestyle items that fuse nostalgia with innovation, creating a distinctive aesthetic.

Distinctive Designs

Each product showcases a blend of traditional Indonesian artistry with a modern bohemian twist, ensuring a unique styling for your space.

Sustainable Styling

By repurposing vintage items, we promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact while offering you truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

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